Dan of Stringies in grass happy that he is wearing Stringies

The Logo

“Hey Dan, I’m starting an armless sunglass company called Stringies, and I need help making a logo. Could you help?” was a text Stringies founder Bennett sent to his former bike-shop coworker Dan in early 2022. Dan had always been interested in using his love for digital media production in an entrepreneurial way, whether making videos of weddings or designing logos for realty companies. At the time, he had just begun college in Colorado, and he longed for the feeling of being the intrepid entrepreneur he once was. He suspected helping Bennett with Stringies may fulfill his craving.

Getting to work on the logo, Dan went through several iterations:

The iterations of the Stringies Logo

It took several months for Dan to understand Stringies and how to capture its essence in a logo. After many sessions of sketching ideas on napkins, the final logo came out:

Stringies Armless Eyewear Logo

Through this process, Dan found much entrepreneurial fulfillment and built a meaningful relationship with Bennett. He felt Bennett’s enthusiasm about Stringies and wanted to continue offering his help however he could.

Bennett and Dan now have a great working relationship together and have meetings with one another about every other day.

Dan of Stringies lying in grass field so happy that he is wearing Stringies

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