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  • Bio-Based
  • 1.5 kg CO2e Footprint
  • Polarized UV 400
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If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it... traditional sunglasses still break, so we decided to fix that. This product lasts longer than traditional sunglasses and is made of bio-based materials that are better for the planet than petroleum-based plastics like what most sunglasses are made of.

Whether you’re packing your face into the cement during your morning stroll to the coffee shop or ripping big lines in the backcountry, you want your sunglasses to stay on your face. By having no arms, these glasses hold to your head better and don’t create painful pressure points. Even our old moms think they're comfortable. You can throw them in a pack or wear them around your neck without worrying about them breaking or disappearing into the abyss of lost sunglasses. These are armfree sunglasses for life.

Important Details:

  • Each pair of these glasses weigh 13g (one AAA battery) and are super comfy on your face—you'll forget you're wearing them
  • Every pair is assembled by hand in Sisters Oregon, US
  • The footprint of this product landed at your doorstep is around 1.5 kg CO2e (calculated using the 2030 Calculator)
  • Free sticker included with every pair ordered
  • Packaged using biodegradable packaging

Product Specifications:

Bio-Based 5-Layer Bamboo Laminate Frame

  • Bamboo sourced from farms near Lishui City, China
  • Manufactured in a mid-size factory in Wenzhou, China

Polarized Lenses

  • Polycarbonate UV400
  • Polarized to reduce glare and eye strain
  • Laser etched logo in the top left
  • Manufactured in China

Paracord String

  • High strength quick drying paracord
  • Produced in North Dakota, US

Intuitive Fastener

  • A spring-loaded fastener that rests flat on the back of the wearer's head
  • Ergonomic design makes getting the perfect fit seamless
  • Manufactured in China

Copper Crimp

  • Keeps the string securely attached to the frame
  • Develops unique turquoise patina over time (especially in humid places)
  • Produced in Wisconsin, US 

Promise Statement:

We at Stringies are committed to continuously improving ourselves and our brand. We strive to produce quality products that we are proud of. That is why we accept all feedback from our customers. Whether it be an awesome adventure story that you took your glasses on or just a small note about our product, we want to hear it. We always put community first and plan to move Stringies forward with this in mind.

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