Plastic Pairs

Plastic Pairs

Our first iterations were rough, they lacked refinement and quality, but they did a lot for us early on. Through purchasing many different frame shapes and sizes, we were able to do a lot of product testing to find what fits the best for different heads, as well as how our attachment and cinch system would work.

We also saw if there was a demand for the product, we discovered this through getting a few displays up at local outdoor shops, successful pop up at colleges as well as popular white water kayaking locations. 

On one trip, in particular, there weren’t enough funds to be able to drive out to a pop-up location and then back, meaning we were relying on Stringies to carry us through our journey. Thankfully we made enough to keep on going. 

It wasn’t easy, but by giving and selling as many pairs to people as we knew, Stringies would be put them to the test, we collected a lot of feedback on the preliminary pairs and refined our design exponentially amount because of it. 

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