The first pair of Stringies being made at a campsite along the Grand Canyon

The Origin Story

While 6,000 feet below the rim of the Grand Canyon, a pair of armed sunglasses belonging to myself (Bennett, Stringies Founder) broke apart. Needing a pair of shades to survive the rest of the 18-day trip, the first pair of Stringies was conceived.

By attaching a cord to the frames of the glasses, they instantly became more comfortable and less breakable. I’m extremely picky about gear and its role in my life. When I fell in love with the design during the first few days kayaking in them, I knew there was something to this, so I started scheming.

After doing research when getting back into service I found the outdoor eyewear market really had nothing of this kind at an approachable price point for the average consumer. Thus the idea for Stringies was born: make a piece of gear everyone can use that holds up to the extremes we live in today. I figured if the pair I made at the bottom of the Canyon could hold up to those extremes, with a little more concentrated effort, a product with the versatility to fulfill the needs of people from all walks of life could be created. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

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