A Vision For Wood

A Vision For Wood

People’s love for the product was apparent, but it didn’t sit right with us how our initial plastic frames were being produced. Single-use plastics and questionable labor laws made us rethink our sunglasses supplier.

 Bennett and Dan both have an affinity for working with wood and saw that as a logical place to take the company. While not only being much more sustainable than plastics it allows us to get creative with how and where we source from.

We found a manufacturer that was making frames out of locally sourced bamboo and upholding living wage standards for all employees. We saw this as a great intermediate step for us. We had found a manufacturer we felt good about supporting, but still saw the lack of control we had over the finished product as a major flaw. Since both Bennett and Dan love working with wood it got both of us questioning why shouldn’t we make these ourselves?

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